Aly James Lab VSDS-X [Win]

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Aly James Lab VSDS-X v2.0.2 [Win]

Aly James Lab VSDS X


The special tone character of the drum synth is mainly caused by the raw analog waveform generation and by the circuitry itself, it generates harmonics that are normally not present in an ideal triangle waveform, VSDSX emulates that behavior and also models the analog clipping that occurs when pushed hard. You can also switch to a clean mode which will behave like an ideal system without OPAMP bandwidth limitation (more highs). These features alone offer a great versatility for sound design. A custom mode can switch all oscillators from the typical Simmons shape to a Sine shape that can be used if you would need less harmonics


The sound source of the drum synth was mainly a mix between a triangle oscillator and a transistor based noise generator. The way it was initially connected could be tuned for more or less frequency content. Each voice has different configuration and VSDSX offers user control over the internal noise filtering (especially useful on the snare voice card).

A lot of the circuitry parameters can also be fine-tuned, CV and VCA response, Trigger types (that will mostly impact the click attack generator time) etc.

SSM2044 Filters

The noise source was filtered by an SSM2044 lowpass filter chip, the filter acts on the noise and click part and behave differently depending on the voice, on bass & toms the resonance resistor was usually set to no resonance, but this can be tweaked inside the VSDSX if you want.


One of the obvious things that must be there in a drum synthesizer is a pitch envelope to simulate the behavior of real drums. The SDSV module featured a bending down effect that can be set to more or less amount of bending. VSDSX also features a bend up option and an optional FM modulation taken from the SDS7 module, the LFO can go from very slow to audio range modulation and can be optionnaly controlled by velocity.


The VSDSX have dedicated outputs for every voice like an original SDSV + PROM and CLAP modules.

You can choose from ALL to 1 Stereo Channel or Separate Channels for each voice.


The drum synth is highly sensitive to the power of which a pad or a key is hit, VSDSX gives independent access to sensitivity tuning for each voice, the pitch of the tone, VCF cutoff, click trigger etc…You can also disable the volume velocity tracking and only set a pitch sensitivity which gives access to a similar feature than the „run generator” found in certain Simmons Systems.


The GUI features all the SDSV controls (with the same weird naming 🙂 ) but can also give access to a full module display with more in-depth controls, most of the parameters can be MIDI learned and controlled by an external MIDI Hardware or automation.


By default VSDSX triggers are mapped to the MIDI GM standard but you can customize it to your liking using its MIDI learning function. The map can be saved globaly and will be recalled everytime.


The VSDSX provides one voice which is based on the mighty Simmons ClapTrap, finely tuned against an original unit it reproduce the digital circuit, EPROM looping, Human feature and pitched noise source.
The original VCAs got something between an exponential and linear behavior useful for those almost gated claps, VSDSX adds a more pronounced exponential option, slightly increased tuning range on the low side and also provides an entire dedicated plugin if you feel like clapping someone’s face with stereo widening capability using two emulated voices running with EPROM clock and filter offsets.


The VSDSX provides one voice which is EPROM based (like SDS1 or SDS7) the imported original EPROM image(sample) will benefit from the bend and noise mixing feature with that crunchy 8bit sound.
Load your own custom made EPROM image. EPROM format is the same as VProm (U255 companded) for easy compatibility but it can also now load Linear PCM format(most of Simmons original EPROMS were Linear PCM).

VSDSX supports any size EPROMS binaries (.bin)

LOAD & SAVE FULL PATCH & BANKS in many formats (additional technical info in manual.)

  • Cross Platform capability (Windows VST2/VST3 and Mac AU(Audiounit).
  • 64bit build using latest OS and IDE(Windows 10 VisualStudio and Mac Xcode).
  • Updated GUI(graphic Interface).
  • Refined HIHAT and CYMBAL modules (more detailed sound process, better envelopes, more accurate sound source and features).
  • PROM voice now supports any EPROM image size without the need to specify it beforehand, it can also decode U255 companded & Linear PCM formats.
  • VSDSX now have MIDI Mapping capability, you can create a custom map to assign sounds to any MIDI notes you want (2 per voice) and save the config globaly.
  • New additional CLAP voice closely based on the iconic Simmons Digital ClapTrap from 1982 with additional controls and modulation capabilities, also provided is an entire dedicated Claptrap plugin with stereo widening capability using two emulated voices running with EPROM clock and filter offsets.
  • Additional modulation source VEL 2 MOD which use velocity to adjust the LFO modulation amount(per voice).
  • Global option to turn on „OSC Custom” changing all analog oscillators that use the typical analog SDSV shape to use a Sine shape.
  • Refined sound engine on many levels and tons of bug fixes.
VSDSX VST SIMMONS SDS-V Extended Drum Synthesizer

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Aly James Lab VSDS-X [Win]

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