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About FabFilter Pro Q 3 

Fabfilter Pro Q 3 Download

Since its original release in 2009, FabFilter Pro-Q bundle has become the trusted workhorse EQ plug-in for many engineers and producers around the world, widely praised for its superb workflow, excellent sound quality and extensive feature set. With version 3, we’re bringing Pro-Q to a new level, introducing features like dynamic EQ, surround support up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2, per-band mid/side processing, and much more. FabFilter Pro-Q 3 gives you the highest possible sound quality, a complete feature set, and a gorgeous, intelligent interface that is designed to help you get 'that’ sound quickly and easily.

New in version 3

At first glance, FabFilter Pro Q 3 vst looks quite similar to its predecessor. But looks are deceiving! Of course, the clean design and intelligence of Pro-Q 2 is still present, but a lot of exciting new functionality has been added to improve your sound and workflow:

  • Dynamic EQ for any of the 24 bands (Shelf or Bell at any slope), with Dynamic Range and Threshold controls and an intelligent Auto Threshold mode.
  • Dynamic EQ bands still feature perfect analog EQ shape matching and also support Linear Phase mode.
  • Easily create dynamic bands in the EQ display by holding the Alt key while dragging the result curve or double-clicking in the display.
  • Surround support (up to 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos), with intelligent per-band speaker selection.
  • Per-band mid/side or left/right processing options.
  • New Brickwall LP/HP filter slope.
  • New Flat Tilt filter shape: a flat tilting correction curve over the whole audible frequency spectrum.
  • Improved spectrum analyzer with frequency collision indication and the option to show the spectrum of any other Pro-Q 3 instance: simply hover over the analyzer button in the bottom bar and choose another Pro-Q 3 plug-in instance here. Instances are named automatically and can be renamed if needed.
  • Improved EQ parameter value display with bypass, shape and delete buttons and easy access to the band menu.
  • Improved Spectrum Grab with labels indicating the most important peaks. Improved EQ band menu (also accessible via the value display), with Make Dynamic, Invert Gain options and more.
  • Improved EQ Match, adding the possibility to match with a post spectrum from another Pro Q 3 instance in your session.
  • Improved Auto Gain with channel weighting and an estimated correction of dynamic gain for a better overall gain adjustment.
  • Improved MIDI Learn with the ability of controlling the active band using a single set of controls on your MIDI controller.
  • Overall new and fresh design.

Other key features Fabfilter Pro q 3 free

And of course, all the goodness of the Pro-Q 2 is still here: highest possible sound quality, Natural and Linear Phase processing, univeral slope support for all EQ shapes, EQ match, a gorgeous, resizeable interface with full screen more for easy and precise editing, up to 24 EQ bands, intelligent band solo mode, stereo or mid/side processing, intelligent multi-band selection and editing for maximum ease and efficiency, spectrum grab, GPU-powered graphics acceleration, double-click text entry of parameter values, different display ranges: 3 dB and 6 dB ranges for mastering, 12 dB and 30 dB for mixing, Pro Tools hardware control surfaces support, MIDI Learn, undo/redo and A/B comparison, and an extensive help file with interactive help hints.

Version v3.0.1 Mac OSX

Introduction to FabFilter Pro-Q 3
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Fabfilter Pro Q 3

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Hey, any download link by a chance?