Lofi By Nature [Loops One Shots]

Lofi By Nature

Lofi By Nature Loops One Shots

Lofi By Nature captures the lofi bedroom beats vibe and transports it outside to the city and beyond, deep into the wilderness. Soothing lofi melodies and saturated samples blend with forest foley, quiet streams, children playing and crumbling rocks. Vintage keys and complex pads fuse seamlessly with distant storms, crashing waves and echoing birdsong. Discover nostalgic sci-fi soundtracks elements, reminiscent of classic dystopian cityscapes and distant habitats.

The sound is all about feel and emotion. We created original compositions and motifs to re-sample and process using the familiar instruments of sample based beats.- acoustic guitars, kalimba, retro synths, Rhodes, pianos and more. Field recordings and foley were recorded around the world using a Rode NT4 stereo microphone to a Zoom H6 recorder, contact microphones, samplers and even iPhones. This collection of melodic cuts and found sounds were sympathetically fused, with added saturation and tape fx, to create truly unique samples that evoke lost memories and imaginary scenes.

Explore a character rich drum kit filled with one shots and loops. Live kits, percussion and hardware hits layered with natural foley and found sound. Soft kicks, textured snares and tight clap stacks. Unique percussive sounds, hazy hi-hats and unusual rhythmic sequences. All drenched in classic downsampling, grit and ambience.

Created in collaboration with lofi hip hop artist and beat composer Marc aka misc.inc. From his studio in Dresden, Germany he combines soulful chords with organic sound design and rhythmic boom bap grooves to create stories and feelings.

  • 116 One Shots
  • 239 Loops
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Lofi By Nature [Loops One Shots]

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